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MojoBox Digital Lockbox

MojoBox Digital Lockbox

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The MojoBox is a digital lockbox focused on smart access. That’s secure, affordable, and flexible access technology deployable in nearly any environment.

Want to learn more? The MojoBox:

  • Is built for residential rentals with flexible access code options that support vendor access, staff access, self-showings, short-term rentals, and more.
  • Is ideal for vacation rentals with easy-to-configure codes that support specific arrival and departure requirements.
  • Is extremely versatile and can be used in commercial and all manner of other environments. 
  • Requires no internet connection but does support Bluetooth unlock from the MojoLock app.
  • Allows generation of individualized access codes that are restricted by hour, by day, and for up to 28 months.
  • Includes one permanent access code that is customizable and never expires.
  • Was engineered with security and reliability as top priorities, while still targeting the price point of mechanical lockboxes.
  • Has a removable mechanical shackle that makes the MojoBox ideal for both temporary and permanent placement.

Still need to know more? Check out our MojoBox Product Page.

 Operational Specifications

  • Uses three AA batteries.
  • Can store keys, key cards, and key fobs (though possibly not all at once).
  • Accessible from the MojoLock app and transferable to and from the ShowMojo leasing automation platform.
  • Includes a USB C port at the side of the lock. Just plug in any battery pack and you are good to go even when the battery has run out.
  • Rated to operate in both hot and cold climates and is factory-tested to withstand conditions as cold as -31ºF or as warm as 140ºF.
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