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MojoLock G4 Smartlock

MojoLock G4 Smartlock

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What's New with the MojoLock G4
  • Auto-configurable to any door swing, so there's no longer a need to fuss with a left/right switch.
  • Now available in black with a bronze finish, alongside the classic silver finish.
  • Improved weather resistance in high-humidity conditions, in addition to amazing performance in sub-zero temperatures.

The MojoLock G4 is a digital deadbolt focused on smart access. That’s secure, affordable, and flexible access technology built right into your door.

  • Deploy in a wide variety of settings. MojoLocks provide flexible access code options that support resident access, vendor access, staff access, self-showings, short-term rentals, and more.
  • Delight your residents with smart access. Residents can share access to their home for an hour, a day, or even a month. That means time-appropriate access for guests, family, dog walkers, nannies or anyone else.
  • Get more rent. Surveys show that renters will pay more for smart home features.
  • Reduce maintenance costs. No one needs to lose time or money getting keys to maintenance personnel and contractors.
  • Save money on key management. There's no longer any need to rekey after each resident, nor to maintain multiple key copies for staff and vendors.
  • Make prospective renter self-showings super easy. MojoLocks can even auto-lock after the showing.
  • Simple and intuitive to use. Unlock and lock directly from the MojoLock mobile app or by entering an access code on the keypad.
  • Requires no additional equipment nor service. Provide dynamic access codes remotely without a hub nor any internet connection (like cellular or wifi).

Still need to know more? Check out our MojoLock G4 Product Page.

Operational Specifications

  • Uses four AA alkaline batteries (lithium batteries are not recommended).
  • Accessible from the MojoLock app and transferable to and from the ShowMojo leasing automation platform.
  • MojoLock G4 includes a Micro USB port at the front bottom of the lock. Just plug in any battery pack and you are good to go even when the battery has run out.
  • Rated to operate in both hot and cold climates and is factory-tested to withstand conditions as cold as -31ºF or as warm as 140ºF.
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